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September, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

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(Image above: Screenshot of my Facebook Page Cover)

Facebook is the largest Social Network in the world with roughly 1 billion users as of today.

According to Facebook’s statistics a typical Facebook user spends about 1 hour a day on Facebook. Let’s assume the stats are a slightly inflated and a typical user spends 30 minutes a day – then that’s still a lot of time.

Facebook further states that the average user has 130 friends. Which sounds like a plausible number.

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Why Facebook is important for any Athlete

As an Athlete you are very likely depending on sponsorship to do your sport and what you love. Sponsorship usually comes in form of free gear and equipment, financial help to cover travel costs and free services such as medical, cardio etc.

Your sponsors are not the “Salvation Army” – they don’t sponsor you for no reason or because you deserve to be sponsored. Your sponsor is looking for a “Return of Investment”.

Cabrinha Facebook Chase Hasch

(Image above: Example of a Sponsor reposting and tagging an Athlete’s Page)

That “Return of Investment” is defined in attracting more and new customers for the business or company that sponsors you.

Think of yourself as a “living billboard” that promotes your sponsors name, products and message – hopefully resulting in more sales.

You will become more valuable to your sponsors the more people you reach and the more diverse your reach is. Examples are Newspaper Coverage, TV Coverage, Online Videos, Blog posts and Social Media.

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Leveraging Facebook’s News Feed and Reach

Facebook is designed with the assumption that “you are interested in what your friends are interested in”.

Chase Hasch Facebook Reach

(Image above: Example of “Facebook Insights” metric to measure reach)

For example if a person likes your page or a post on your Athletes page it will show up on the News Feed to this persons friends. Considering the 130 friends count for the average FB user that could result in an exposure to hundreds if not thousands of people every time someone else ‘likes’ your Facebook update, post or page. The above image is a great example. I currently have 500 Likes, but this post reached 2000+ people.

Knowing this you should think about what makes people Like and Share a post on your page.

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How to get 50.000 Fans on Facebook – and why 500 might be better!

Growing your fan-base and Likes on Facebook is a long and slow process. Maybe a little to long and slow for most of us. Which is of course what Facebook wants because you might be inclined to “Boost your Page” or in other words buy Likes in form of Ads directly from Facebook.

But those bought “likes” from strangers will likely not interact with your posts and updates on a regular basis — so you shouldn’t expect results.


(Image above: Buying “Likes” will not result in ongoing interaction)

Quality ‘Likes’ from people that really want to follow you is what you want.

You can also buy Likes on third-party sites for really cheap. You can easily tell if a Facebook, Twitter or Youtube profile has bought likes. The interaction per post should match those of likes. For example if a FB Page has 50.000 likes but the average post update only gets 10 or 20 likes then something is “fishy”.

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Free Athletes Guide to Facebook and Social Media


(Image above: Free download of Facebook Athlete’s Guide PDF

Click the image above or click here to download the FREE 10MB Athletes Guide to Facebook published by the “World Curling Federation”.

Any inappropriate or offensive comments or content posted by you on Facebook (or any other Social Platform) will likely be read by the media, sponsors, governing bodies of the sport and by your fans.

Be smart – think before you post.

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