What is Dingle Elimination ?

June, 2015   //   by Chase Hasch   

Dingle Elimination is not a typo or spelling error. It is a valid form of a tournament elimination bracket system in which the loser of a first round heat gets another chance and is not directly eliminated.

Starting round 2 a dingle elimination basically becomes a single elimination in which only the winner(s) advance and a looser is “eliminated” (or in other words knocked out) of the event.

What is Dingle elimination

– Define Dingle Elimination:
Generally dingle elimination is used when there is not enough time for double elimination and too much time for single elimination.

In summary: Dingle Elimination is right between a Single and a Double Elimination.


Traditional Single Elimination does not give a rider or competitor a second chance. In the contrary Double Elimination allows every competitor to still have a chance to win the overall event after one loss. Dingle elimination gives a first round looser another chance to advance.


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