Update from the Kitchen

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

The lady at the grocery store checkout was commenting on us eating too healthy…
Thank goodness I had a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos left in the cart to pull out last minute.

Anyways, my dad and I share cooking and dish washing duties. It works really well.
Here are some of my latest creations on our way to Santa Cruz and Waddell Creek.

lunch travel trailer
My all time favorite food: Enchiladas

travel trailer breakfast
Fresh Pancakes for Breakfast

Kites & Boards by:

Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


Harness & Wetsuit by:

Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


Cardio and Fitness by:

Chase Hasch Cardio and Fitness


Fueled by:

Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


Vitamins & Supplements:

Chase Hasch Vasayo


Beach Kudos:

Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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