Truck-Surfing and Trailer Offroading

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

We arrived in Pismo to sunshine and promising onshore winds.

The unique thing about Pismo Beach (the Grover Beach/Oceano part) is that you can drive onto the beach. The Park Ranger also told us that we could camp for $10 a night directly at the beach in the sand. But that also meant we needed to tow our Travel Trailer trough the sand. Getting stuck in the sand with “just” a car or truck is bad, but imagine getting stuck with a truck and fully loaded travel trailer…

chase hasch car surfing

After inquiring if there would be a towing service available if things go bad we decided to take the chance. We shifted our truck in 4×4 low and went offroading with our travel trailer. It was kinda funny watching people as we drove by on the beach with a trailer.

chase hasch in pismo

Unfortunately the wind died on us so we explored the sand dunes for a good steep dune to go sand boarding after taking the fins off our surf boards.

Once you see the fog moving in you know that there will be no wind for a while – so I tried out skim boarding with my surfboard which eventually led to my dad suggesting to be towed behind our truck (without the trailer). One thing is for sure we “do” know now that our trucks 4×4 high and low gearing works. We spend the rest of the day removing sand in the self-wash station in Pismo. We are heading south tomorrow to Jalama Beach.

Kites & Boards by:

Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


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Chase Hasch Cardio and Fitness


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Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


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Chase Hasch Vasayo


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Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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