Tourist Trap or Kiters Paradise | South Padre

April, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

We got to South Padre Island at around 5pm after what seemed like driving forever. Battling strong head winds for miles made us want to reach the beach before sunset for an evening session.

chase hasch back mobe

We have never been to South Padre so we decided to stay the night at the State Park Campground, which has Ocean access. We got to the kite spot as the wind was starting to die, plus I was starving…

The next morning looked promising, the wind was already blowing and some other guys from the camp ground that I had only talked to briefly were getting ready to head to the beach. I got a ride with them to the kite spot near our camp ground while my dad was still working on the computer from our trailer. After pumping up my Cabrinha Chaos 11 I was the only one the water for about 5 minutes until clouds moved in and the wind started getting lighter and lighter.

sand road south padre islandRoad covered in sand on South Padre Island

Back at the campground we had breakfast and the sun started coming out again, so my dad and I decided to check out the sound side or “flats” as they call it here. On our way we stopped by Fedex to pick up my brand new Hyperlite boots.

chase hasch hyperlite slider kiteboardingHyperlite AJ Boots and System Binding

After reaching the sound side I was amazed to see shallow water (3 feet) for miles out. I rigged up my Cabrinha Chaos 9 and set up my new Hyperlite AJ boots and System bindings. The boots are awesome because I never need to let go of the kite when I am gtting into my bindings. I was a bit under-powered and staying upwind with weak side offshore winds was a bit difficult but the sound side spots are very safe. You can always “walk” back even if something happens a mile from shore. South Padre is without a doubt a great beginner and intermediate kite spot.

Once my dad came out with the camera I realized just how good of a spot this is for beginners and to take pictures because you can walk out so far. I started throwing my usual tricks until I got the Idea to try a “back mobe” which I have never done before. So on my way back out I just threw it and incredibly landed it right in front of my dad who luckily captured it. This was a day I will not forget, it was the first day riding my new sponsored boots and the first time I did (and landed) a back mobe – good gear really helps.

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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