Session Day #1 Hood River, Oregon

February, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

I love my Hood. Hood River, Oregon is the home to some of the top kiting in the world.

Today I headed there to meet the Cabrinha crew from Big Winds, TJ Guliza, Randy Orzeck, Mitch Justice, Jacob Cook. We talked a bit and I got the scoop on the current conditions which suggested  driving an hour east to Arlington to kite.

chase hasch and jacob cook cabrinha
Cabrinha NW and Baja Rep Jacob Cook and Chase Hasch getting ready for some cold water at Cabrinha Dealer Big Winds.

So I planned on taking out my 5m kite and knew that I needed to be in a wet suit. FYI I haven’t worn a wetsuit in 6 years. Yes lucky me I know I know. The Gorge Surf Shop  hooked me up. It was such a pain trying on one suit after another and they were all to long and not wide enough for my chest. until finely I found the one that fits like it was ment for me.

cold water kiting chase hasch
All new Rubber – thanks to The Gorge Surf Shop

All that work trying on wetsuits left me famished. Jacob, Kirsten Ulmer, my dad, and I went to the Big Horse Brew Pub where owner and fellow Cabrinha Rider Randy Orzeck invited us to lunch.

cabrinha teamrider hoodriver chase hasch
Jacob Cook, Chase Hasch and Randy Orzeck

After lunch we headed to Arlington, Mitch was already on the water on a 6m, the forecast said it was supposed to ramp up so we rigged 5m’s; Randy, Jake, and I. We had to go upwind to get out of the harbor to launch which can be a bit sketchy but it was great nonetheless. After a while my hands and feet were so frozen that it was time to call it a session. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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