The Problem of Underage Wizardry

May, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

You just don’t know how good you have it until…

This may not be the first time you hear this, but we tend to take too many things for granted.

99.9% percent of the time it really doesn’t even occur to us until those things are no longer available or taken from us.

I am not just talking about physical things, but things other people do for us. Especially from a kids perspective. Yup I have no problem considering myself still a kid.

beach life parents mom
(Photo Credit: Hege Holt Photography)

This isn’t a rant on “hey kids be grateful for what your parents do”. …Also it may not hurt for you to take a second and do think about what your parents do for you everyday.

Anyway, my mom broke her Tibia. And she broke it bad.

broken tibia
(Moms broken Tibia)

Me being underage (even though a lucky underage kiter that lives close to the beach) I start to realize just how much mom is part of my kite life.

Get Well Soon Mom!

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