Surfing the OC / No Strings Attached

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

After leaving Jalama Beach Park we headed south into Ventura County.

Ventura greeted us with morning fog which eventually burned off revealing blue skies and clean 3-4 foot surf at Emma Wood State Park. Emma Wood is also a great place to kite if it gets windy. The wind never picked up but the the surf made up for it.

surfocSouthern California Perfection

Later that night we continued travelling south on US 101 to Hwy405 through Los Angeles. The next morning we stopped for a wind check at Seal Beach (south of Long Beach towards Huntington Beach). The swell had dropped and still no signs of wind.

Huntington Beach Pier looked a bit too small to justify the $15 parking fee for the day, so we decided to carry on to San Clemente which is our last stop on the West Coast.

hbpierHuntington Beach Pier during the US Open of Surfing. Just a “few” more people and media compared to a PKRA Event…

I actually lived in San Clemente for 2 years while I was 3 years old. My dad told me about the epic surf sessions he had at Trestles while I was little. Even after living in Hawaii for many years Trestles is still one of his favorite places.

We set up camp at the San Mateo State Park, which is a 15 minute bike ride away from Trestles. The surf looked smallish, but I was surprised how rideable this place is even when it is small. The bigger sets never made it passed the 4 foot mark, but I can only imagine how good the place must be on a proper swell.

San Clemente (Trestles and San Onofre) never get enough wind to kite. I can’t even imagine how epic this would be. On the downside the line up’s are a bit crowded already and adding kites and pole dancers (windsurfers) to the mix would not work out well.

Anyway’s the OC is epic for surfers there is obviously a reason why so much talent comes out of this area.

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