South Padre Island meets XCaliber

April, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

On our third day in South Padre Island we stayed at the campground until 2pm, engaged our four-wheel drive mode on our truck and headed out to camp on the beach outside of town. When leaving town look where the power poles change from concrete to wood and take a sandy path to the beach (sound side) – you are not really supposed to camp there, but nobody minds in the off season as long as you pack your trash and stay low key. There is positively no camping on the beach on the ocean side.

chase hasch board grab

We found a great little kite spot, which was even less crowded than the more popular spots, only about 8 kiters on average showed up during the day. We stayed at this spot for four days. The water was (like any of the other sound side spots) shallow for miles. So far on our trip I have mostly used my Cabrinha Custom board, but I finally got around to ride and test my Cabrinha XCaliber – which does a bit better in light winds due to the larger width and less aggressive rocker line.

chase hasch tweaked kiteboarding

The days where flying by. I had a lot of fun and even went windsurfing for the first time in about two years again. As mentioned in my previous post, South Padre Island is a great spot for beginners and intermediates. It is in the middle of nowhere and some might say it is a tourist trap – but that is not a bad thing actually since you have lots lodging choices and once you leave town (which ends abruptly) you have miles of unspoiled beaches.

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