Kiteboarding Floras Lake

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

Today we arrived at Floras Lake and I immediately went to look at the wind and waves. It was pretty early so there was no wind. It was a really long walk from where the camp ground was but when I got to the beach the waves looked really clean  and the shore break looked small so I was exited to go surfing. When I got back to the travel trailer and got my wetsuit on I looked at the lake and was incredibly surprised to see that there were a few white caps out there so I said screw surfing lets go kite…

floras lake kiteboarding panorama
Floras Lake on the Oregon Coast

I rigged up my eleven Chaos for the first time. When I got out the wind was a little light but it was picking up and I had no worries after about thirty minutes the wind had picked up to the point were I could barely control the kite and when I sheeted in I flew about five feet in the air! Just from sheeting in, so I landed my kite with some difficulty and went to get my seven.

chase hasch floras lake kite jump
Chase Hasch Kiteloop Floras Lake

Unfortunately I have no pictures from that point on because my Camera man was out with me. After a little bit on the lake my dad started to go to the ocean. There is no inlet because Floras  lake is as the name applies a “lake” and not an inlet, so my dad started the walk across about 300 feet of sand tall grass and logs. I wanted to go to but really didn’t want to take off my boots, so I started jumping across the sand dunes. It was really good that I had so much power otherwise I don’t think I would have made it. When I got to the top of the dune I slid all the way to the ocean.

oregon coast kiteboarding chase hasch
Scenic Oregon Coastline – Windy and Cold

It felt a lot like snowboarding just in sand. As soon as I got to the ocean I was immediately smashed by a shore brake that was definitely overhead. Then as soon as I got over the surface of the water I got smashed again and kinda started to panic so I power stroked my kite and got ripped out of the freezing cold water.  After I got past the shore break I faced one of the biggest waves I’ve ever been in front of, it was at least two and a half times my height and at that moment I was incredibly glad to be a kiter solely for the fact that we can jump high. After that, I was kinda done with the whole “ocean” thing so I speed as fast as I could possibly go past huge waves and shore brake fell off the top of a wave strait onto sand and continued to slide on the sand.

I took off my boots to walk back over to he lake and proceeded to the biggest jump I have ever done(about 55 feet). Something funny about wind is that the higher you are the more wind there is and then you go even higher and that happened about twice on that one jump. When I started to come down I had no idea what to do so I tried landing like I normally would, it didn’t work well and I landed incredibly hard and then went to the beach to sit down for a while.  After resting I was determined to land a huge jump well. So I tried again (bad choice) and I went about 40 feet high and did a mega loop… You know when you watch pros go really high do this huge mega loop and not land incredibly hard? Yea that didn’t happen I came down so fast and so hard that one of my feet came out of my boots and my chicken loop kinda exploded. After that I was done for the day, and came in to sleep for a while.

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