Session Day #2 Hood River, Oregon

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

38 Degree Water, 46 Degree Air and 25mph Wind = A total violation of the 100 Degree Rule =)

A bit cold but had great session today in Rufus, which is about an hour east of Hoodriver. I opted for my Cabrinha 5.5 Chaos since the forecast was calling for gusts in the 40’s and after all I only weigh 130lbs.

Chase-Hasch Kiteboarding Rufus Oregon
Kiteboarding with Dramatic Winter Landscape and Backdrop in Rufus, Oregon

The wind dropped unfortunately rather quickly once we got out. Here is a short video of a slightly underpowered yet fun little kiteloop.

I was joined today again by Cabrinha’s very own Jacob Cook, who also brought along a Cabrinha Skillit. The Skillit is a freestyle surf board that suits a large variety of conditions and riders. Probably one of the most “playful” directional surfboards around.

The Skillet’s width and floaty’ness helped extend my session. Here is another short clip of me doing a pop-shov’it on the directional board. As you can see the wind really was light at this point.

Thank you again to the guys at the Gorge Surfshop for helping me out with a new wetsuit!


PS. For those not sure what the 100 Degree Rule is. Basically it means that water and temperature must add up to at least 100 Degrees. For Example 40 Water 60 Air or 55 Water and 45 Air etc.

PPS. Hopefully we will get a better camera soon. We are on a budget after all. If anyone from Sony, GoPro or Canon is reading this please contact me I do accept donations =)

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


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