Ready to make a U-Turn

February, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

I just arrived in the US from the Dominican Republic where I was training in La Boca, Cabarete  and competing in the RedBull Sun Slider event as well as the Punta Cana Kitefest. It feels great to be home. Let’s get some Corn Dogs!

Over the next few days I will get ready for a 5000+ mile long road trip from the West Coast starting in Hood River, Oregon to the East Coast with final destination Outer Banks Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. I will be driving south along the coastline of Oregon and California and then cut across to South Padre Texas. Fron there I will follow the Gulf Coast until I reach Florida. From here it goes up north to the Outer Banks. Looking at it on a map it is basically a “U-Turn” across the United States.

chase hasch USA road trip west to east coast

Click for larger version.

Since I can’t drive yet – ok yes I can drive but I am not really allowed too. I will be bringing my dad. Someone needs to pay for food and gas after all too. Ok I am just kidding. I am really fortunate to have a pretty cool dad who not only loves the water, but who also can work remotely on the computer. We will be using 4G MiFi. Hopefully we will have connection throughout the trip the that my dad can work. Cause we are not rich nor do we have a trust fund  – I know sad huh!

Because we lived in Hawaii we don’t have  a car or RV on the mainland. We just bought used pickup truck and a small travel trailer that will be our home.

Here is our little Chihuahua “Derp” with his new-used 2003 Chevy Silverado truck. Nice find on the truck!

chase-hasch chevy silverado kiteboarding

Our rolling home will be a 16′ Nomad Travel Trailer. We found it on Craigslist just like the truck. According to my dad we opted for the lightest travel trailer possible because it is easier to tow for such a long trip. Plus it is less strain on the truck, which is after all used and has a few miles on it. We also have a ton of surf, kiteboard and some windurf gear in the truck bed that ways a lot.

nomad 16 travel trailer

I will be posting from all the kiteboarding spots and adventures we will encounter along the road. Stay tuned!



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