Pros and Cons of with Riding Boots

March, 2015   //   by Chase Hasch   

chase hasch kiteboarding with boots

Pros: More stability, style points, almost never have to body drag, kicker and sliders.

Stability: When doing any sort of jump you eventually need to come down. With boots I feel much more comfortable knowing that the board is locked in place under me I never have to worry about my board I can just focus on a clean landing.

Style: When you switch to boots your style will change almost guaranteed thats because it makes you change posture and allows you to ride with more power giving all of your tricks more style.

Body Dragging: Do you hate body dragging? Go get yourself a pair of boots and never do it again!

Kickers and Sliders: If you have any desire to hit kickers and sliders it is highly recommended that you use boots to minimize the risk of injury

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chase hasch kiting with boots pro-and-cons

Cons: Weight, Stuck in and on the board on crashes, higher chance of knee injuries, having to lace up your boots.

Crashing: Obviously when you crash you stay in and on the board which can make hitting the water hurt more, but for the most part its not much worse than straps and after adjusting to boot it’ll be the same. (For the most part but don’t blame an injury on boots you can hurt yourself with strapps too)

Impact on Knees: Going bigger and riding with more power is more comfortable in boots but that means there will be more impact on your knees.

Lacing up your Boots: Lacing up your boots can be a pain which is why theres velcro!

Weight: I am out of cons of cons but if you ride in super light wind and struggle to stay up wind don’t use boots the exa weight could slow you down.

Getting In: Everyone who has snowboarded before knows what it takes to get into bindings. On many beaches you will have to fly your kite one handed and blind while getting into your binding and strapping up. If the wind is gusty or super light that takes some finesse.

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