Progress in Front of the Camera

January, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

I have this idea in my head that my progression rate goes up a ton while I am being filmed. For instance I landed my first blind judge 3 while being filmed as well as my first KGB and S3. I generally just go bigger and I somehow land cleaner and ride out of my tricks more often.

chase hasch cabrinha kites and hyperlite bindings

Nico Suriel and I got to the beach around 2pm and I was landing most of my tricks but I didn’t feel very good I felt tired and slow. Maybe it was from a lack of motivation but the only trick I was having any fun doing were NISs. We were riding for about an hour and a half before our friends Peter and Noah showed up. Noah came just to ride but Peter wanted to film.

chase hasch kiteboarding cabarete with cabrinha kites

I wasn’t having the best session but a little into Peter filming I stopped caring if I crashed I just decided to go for it and go as big as possible for the camera and I guess that state of mind woke me up and made me feel good and happy because not only was I going big but I wasn’t crashing.

I went through most of my tricks but I wasn’t really landing heelside. I really wanted to be landing heelside for the video so I started trying to get as much speed and power as possible it took a while but when I landed a super nice KGB I was stoked so I threw an S pass But with way more height than usual and I landed 3 after landing my fist S3 I was stoked and on my way out I had more power than usual and just threw myself into the cleanest most powerd 315 I have ever done. That was pretty much the end of filming and I was happy enough to end my session there. I really like shooting videos they really seem to help my riding and they’re almost always a good time with friends.

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


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Chase Hasch Cardio and Fitness


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Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


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Chase Hasch Vasayo


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Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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