PKRA Panama Day 4-7

February, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

Panama Day 4

We had to wake up at 6:30 am to go to the skippers meeting.

Luckily I was in the fourth heat. Unluckily I was with Alex Soto and Forest Bakker two really good riders. The people in the first heat have to wait around with on the beach with their kites in the air until everything is ready to start. Even though everyone was ready around 7:20 we had to wait until about 8 for the heats to start because the buoys marking the competition area kept on getting detached and drifting into shore.


Once the heats started going I got to watch the first two then I put my kite up to get ready. I didn’t go ride before my heat and I think that was a mistake. During my heat I landed my first S3 at the new spot and it was pretty clean s I was happy about that. Unfortunately I only landed a about 4 tricks a late mobe an NIS and a double S to blind on top of the S3. I wasn’t able to do more tricks because I didn’t want to crash into the other riders. Competing was very fun but I crashed a lot more than I expected. I was pretty disappointed when I came in 3rd and didn’t pass but the other riders pretty good heats and I learned a lot and it was pretty fun.

After my heat I went to go ride cable for while. During the heats the cable was never that busy so I normally went to ride either then or during the noon lull in the wind. That day we got lunch buffet from the PKRA so Nico and I got a little food for later. The rest of the day was just spent hanging out and enjoying Nitro.

Panama Day 5 6 and 7

The rest of my time spent there was super fun. I rode cable quite a bit.


The guy who runs the Cable nicknamed Batman was a super cool guy and he helped me out a lot with my kicker tricks. The last time that I had rode cable was at OWC and they have such cool sliders and other obstacles that I never really used the kickers. However now that I’m older everything is easier to do and by the end of my time there at Nitro City I was landing 540s like nothing. I was still at a great kite spot and I kited every day. On my second to last day there I buttchecked my first double S 3!!! I was so stoked after that I got off the water right after. Doing double Ss are really fun the only thing in my mind at the time is to spin as fast as possible. Hahaha.

Punta Chame is a super cool spot with tons of different spots and conditions before the contest started I went down to a spot the locals call the lagoon. It was super fun to ride in flat water after being in the quite choppy conditions right outside of our door. Even though I was super powered I just tried to go bigger. I didn’t land a 315 or a KGB but I wasn’t worried because after only 20 minutes I was to overpowered to unhook.

Also since its a point you can go around to the other side. I only went there once and I was alone so I didn’t stay long because of the offshore wind.

Sadly, the day before I had to leave I went skating and while getting used to it (I haven’t skated in about 10 months) I fell on the halfpipe and landed on my middle finger funny. I taped it up and a doctor who happened to be at Nitro told me it wasn’t broken so I decided to wait until I got to Maui.

My last night there was really fun. There was a decent sized party and we played lots of flip cup and and beer pong but Nico and I had to call it early so that we could catch a taxi to the airport the next morning.

My trip to Nitro City was super fun and I really hope that it happens next year. The locals are super cool. We had wind the whole time, the event was relaxed and if there hadn’t been wind we could have skated or cabled all day.

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