PKRA Panama Day 1-3

February, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

On the way to Panama from the Dominican Republic I had to stop in Miami to pick up my new Cabrinha Custom and some new Hyperlite boots and apparel.

When I got to unpacking The 2014 hyperlite system and bindings I was stoked! The new boots also happen to match the 2014 Cabrinha Chaos!

chase hasch kiteboarding Panama arrival

Panama Day 1

Once I arrived in Panama I met up with my home town friend Nico Suriel to get a taxi to Nitro city, Punta Chame. On the way to Nitro we saw a couple billboards advertising the event, I was pretty surprised. I thought that the event wouldn’t be as big as they made it seem. But having the “Tourist Board” of Panama behind the event gave it a good boost and exposure.


When we got to Nitro Nico and I set up immediately and went for a session. The onshore wind and choppy water with small kickers was a fun change from flat water. I was stoked on how consistant my riding was. Even though I couldn’t do S passes I was landing all of my other tricks pretty clean.

Panama day 2

On the second day I was surprised to see that there was wind in the morning considering that we woke up at around 8am.

After eating breakfast I went for a morning session. The water was super choppy and in the beginning I could hardly do a 313. By the end of my session I was stoked to have landed a couple NISs, quite a few late mobes and a few back to blinds. Whenever I went for an S pass I got way to little height and to much slack to even go to blind.


After lunch I decided to go check out the cable park. I was surprised when there was only one kicker and one slider in the water. I soon found out that you really don’t need anything more than one kicker to have endless amounts of fun. After riding cable I went for a half hour session out front. I was glad that the water was back how it was the day before with onshore wind there were small wind generated waves/kickers that gave us flat sections to ride in. That was why the water was so much choppier during my morning session.(Due to the lack of flat sections generated by the wind.)

Panama Day 3

My third day there was the beginning of the competition. By that point everyone had showed up and there was a great atmosphere.

I didn’t go kiting that morning but instead just hung out in the dinning/game area. There was a pool table that Nico and I definitely got a lot of use out of, and a ping pond table that Nico never wanted to play. Something funny about Punta chame is that there is wind in the morning then it dies down for about 2 hours from around 11 till 2 every day.


After hanging out and meeting a couple riders most of us went for an afternoon sesh. The water conditions were about the same as my last session and I went riding for quite a while. A super unfortunate accident occurred when Alex Pastor dislocated his shoulder on a front blind mobe. He got taken to the hospital and came back with his arm in a sling and was pretty bummed When I got off the water I remembered that I had to go to registration. I was glad that I came an hour after it started as There were about 5 people left to have their picture taken and I had preregistered. Registration was a laugh and after I was exhausted and went to bed.

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


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Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


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Chase Hasch Vasayo


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