New Cabrinha Kites arrived.

February, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

I am so exited. Feels like Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and Birthday all in one day!

My kite of choice for this year is the Cabrinha Chaos. The Chaos is a bridled C-Kite which is designed primarily for Freestyle riding. I did use the Kite in the Dominican Republic during the Punta Cana KiteFest and also for the Wakestyle competition during the RedBull Sun Slider event. The Chaos did works great for both.

The board of choice – ok actually I’ll be bringing two boards – is the “XCaliber” and the “Custom“. The XCaliber is a freestyle twintip, which is the perfect companion for the Chaos if you can choose only one board. The Cabrinha Custom works great on kickers and even in the surf which is due to the higher rocker line. I am using the 130 and 133.

Chase Hasch 2013 Cabrinha KItes

I would like to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone at Cabrinha Kites, the NP Group and the North America distribution team working out of Adventure Sports in Miami and a very special “Thank you” to Susi Mai who was a big help in making this happen.

Kites & Boards by:

Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


Harness & Wetsuit by:

Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


Cardio and Fitness by:

Chase Hasch Cardio and Fitness


Fueled by:

Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


Vitamins & Supplements:

Chase Hasch Vasayo


Beach Kudos:

Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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