Maui Needles and Waiting for Wind

March, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

chase hasch spreckelsville mauiI got back to Maui with a small injury from the PKRA event in Panama, which meant day one was spent seeing the doctor about my finger.

Of course we waited forever told the nurse everything and then told the doc the same exact thing 5 minutes later. After getting x-rays we walked out now knowing it was “only” a sprain.

Our next stop was an Acupuncturist to help with the swelling. Last year I finally got over my fear of needles so I decided to try acupuncture because it has helped my dad’s neck and spinal cord problems a ton.

Our Acupuncturist (Jeff Tice in Wailuku) is really good at putting the needles in and 1/3 times I don’t even feel it. Acupuncture is super relaxing. Once all the needles are in you get to just lay there. I normally get this spinning tilting feeling that I quite enjoy. Its similar to the random falling feeling I sometimes get while laying in bed.

Unfortunately, I got a cold from being in the airport for around 30 hours. So I spent the next day and half in bed until it was time to go to the acupuncturist again. That time I laid there for about an hour twice as long as the time before.

sanding finsThe next day I still wasn’t feeling great so we decided to go surfing to clear out my nose and just get in the water. We paddled over to lanes because A) I am goofy and B) because it always less crowded.

My first was was a bit of a joke because it was my first time riding this random board from the garage. My second was much more fun as I got a nice clean wave to play around on. I paddled back out and only got one more because as we’re in between swells and it just seemed to flatten out like no one was getting waves. So we decided it was time to paddle in.

The next few days were spent being sick until yesterday when we decided to go surf on the “South side” as my dad likes to call it (it’s actually the lower west side). When we got there we were pretty disappointed while standing on the beach.
Since we were there it was decided that we would go out anyway even with the light rain and cold water. I was surprised to find that the longboard I was using could pretty much catch anything. I got a couple waves that never broke I just got to ride never breaking waves.

While we were out the waves got better then as the tide came us started to get worse so we called it a day to head for Costco – I will trade Croissants and Nutella for Wind!

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