Mai Tai Kiteboarding Event

July, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

mai tai kiteboardingLast week I helped my friend, Susi Mai, with the “Mai Tai” event that came to Cabarete.

My fellow Cabrinha team rider, Charlie Smith, came down to ride and help out with the event as well. On the first day Charlie and I were the clean up crew for a down winder to Enquentro Beach. One of the Mai Tai people’s kite deflated way out on the water so I towed his kite to shore for him while Charlie gave him a piggy back ride to kite beach. After that my friend Sam’s kite did the same thing and we helped get her and her gear back to the beach.

Shorty after Charlie and I rounded up the rest of the Mai Tai group and continued to Enquentro Beach. Charlie said that I should start doing toe side tricks. After a bit of practice in the waves I landed a tootsie roll, which is a toeside front roll to blind. After landing that I decided to end my session on that good note and packed up my gear.

I helped the local kids that were working with me pack up everyones kites and took them back to Millennium.

The next day we all went to La Boca which is a flat water spot at the mouth of a river. It was packed with about 50 people all on the water at the same time, it was the most crowded I had ever seen it.

chase hasch mai tai kiteboarding event

Later in the afternoon we all did another down winder but this time we ended at Millennium, unfortunately one guy hit the reef, he got a little scratched up but I towed in his kite while he swam in and Charlie got his board.

This event is super cool because of all the different types of people you get to meet. I met quite a few entrepreneurs who all do different things and design different products I met the owner of a company who designs hydro foil boards which are a type of kite board that have a few foot long fin with a wings at the bottom that allows you raise out of the water the length of the fin. It was really hard to learn how to do but super fun to ride once I got the hang of it.

I am looking forward to joining Susi Mai and Cabrinha at one of the next MaiTai events.

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