Kiteboarding the Florida Keys

April, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

After meeting up with “my boss” Todd in Miami the day before my dad and I left our travel trailer at Adventure Spots Miami and went to the keys for a day trip. We woke up at 6 am to get an early start.

After about three hours we arrived in Key West. While driving we noticed that possible launch spots got fewer and fewer as we came closer to Key West. We looked around Key West a bit, but decided to back track a bit to look for spots we saw passing by earlier. State Park parking sets you back $10 a day, but we found an awesome spot (Veterans Memorial Park) right next to the State Park which is just south of the 7 mile bridge.

chase hasch keywest kiteboarding

After setting up on the small beach I took out my Cabrinha S Quad and played around for a while until the wind picked up enough to get out the twin tip. I was having fun practicing my back mobes and KGBs.

After a while my dad came out with me and we decided to explore the super clear blue waters a bit further out. We saw huge Manta rays swim right below us. And we also saw what looked like about 30 small reef sharks that rushed into deeper water to the left and right of us as we approached. I wish I would have had a underwater camera mounted to the bottom of my board!

After kiting for a while longer it was time to start our scenic drive back to Miami.

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