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June, 2015   //   by Chase Hasch   

I’m stoked to say that I will be going to Costa Brava, Spain to compete in the Junior VKWC world tour event! I cant wait to get to Costa Brava. I’ve never been to Spain before and I have no idea what to expect. It’ll be great to meet other kiters my age. I’ve never been to an all Junior event before and this is the last year that I will be able to compete in an event like it. This makes it a little more personal because I’ll only get one chance.

chase hasch kiting with boots pro-and-cons

The Costa Brava Junior Kitesurfing Cup 2015 is sponsored in part by “Camping La Ballena Alegre”, which will also be the venue and where I will be staying.

A couple weeks ago I got really sick and wasn’t able to kite for quite a while. I just wasn’t in the zone to go beat myself up to get back to the level of riding that I was at. Once I knew I was going to Spain I got much more excited to kite and the wind has provided every day, I am pleased to say that in the past week I got back most of my tricks and am working on some new ones.

Living in the Dominican Republic definitely helps me prepare for events. With some of my favorite wind conditions its an ideal playground to help stay motivated, add a chance to be junior world champion and you’ll find me at the beach every day training until dark or when the wind stops blowing.


June in Cabarete is one of my favorite months to train the wind blows almost every day getting strong enough to kite at around 12. The weather is almost to hot to stay inside but that’s why it’s windy right? When you do get a no wind day its quite nice to relax and recover before tomorrows session.

The event will be using the new 2015 previsionary rulebook. The format is quite a bit different from before. During the first VKWC event of the year in Morocco I got a bit of a feel for it. Since I was the only junior at the event in Dakhla I might be the only one competing who has used the new format. Hopefully this will provide an advantage with the new interference rules making a big impact on your final score.

Needless to say I am incredibly excited to be going to Spain and to be competing in this event. I can’t wait to get there and share the Stoke!

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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