Howdy Y’all from the Texas Ski Ranch

March, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

Texas – Me and my Cabrinha Custom visit the Cable Park…

chase hasch slider kiteboard and wakeboard

I had a great session at TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) what an awesome place with a great cable lake, boat lake and skate park. This was only the second time I have ever been to a cable park (I know I should call Child Services right) but it is so similar to kiting that I got it instantly. Hitting sliders and kickers was easier than kiting as I didn’t need to worry about where my kite is. I used my awesome “Cabrinha Custom” board, which works perfect as a wakeboard. If you do both sports (kiting and wakeboarding) you can totally get away with owning only one board. But keep in mind not all kiteboards have the same rocker line and the bottom is a different material on some boards. That’s why you want the Cabrinha Custom.

raley wake  front chase hasch

TSR had some great sliders (small and big) as well as a variety of kickers. I had good luck with handle passes of kickers along with learning how to properly “load up the cable” to do a Raley. Doing a Raley on a wakeboard and S-bends on a kiteboard is a bit different. On a cable I wasn’t able to get as high up but I went a lot further compared to when I am on a kite.

chase hasch handle pass kiteboarding and wakeboarding

I spent 7 hours on the cable (gotta get your $40 day-pass worth of riding in) and right afterwards I didn’t feel to bad, but after waking up this morning I could barley get the milk out of the fridge.

Me and my Custom can’t wait to get to another cable park soon.

chase hasch slider closeup

chase hasch raley tweaked

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