How To Spit Fire (for real)

August, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

After an amazing day of kiteboarding the sun is setting and the wind calms to a gentle evening breeze.
Another great day in Paradise comes to an end.

Now what ?!!?

Go to bed? No boring.
Get Drunk? To unhealthy.
Get Laid? To many STD’s these days.
Do Drugs? Seriously that’s the pinnacle of stupid.

How about spitting fire! Brilliant you may think. And I agree…

I mean who doesn’t love playing with fire. Chics love it, your mates appreciate it and you will always find an audience. Plus if you are a secret Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) nerd than this is the closest you will come to being a dragon.

chase hasch fire spitting
Here the “Official Chase Hasch Quick Guide to Spitting Fire”

1. Practice spitting with water so you can control the consistency of the mist (recommended)

2. Before you try spitting fire drink milk or cream to prevent burning your mouth in case you hiccup or sneeze

3. Don’t use rubbing alcohol it can blind you. I used 151 rum. The run has 75.5% alcohol by volume. This is much higher than typical rum at 35%–40% hence it burns better and faster.

4. Don’t use a ton in the beginning just enough for a puff. Once you get good at that then you can start doing it longer and longer.

5. Once you are ready aim above the flame and make a fine mist. If you don’t make a fine mist you will blow out your flame and have to start over.

6. When you are ready to make a big flame you have to keep the fire away from your face once you get it so you will need to change the consistency of the mist once its going to keep it away.

7. As a flame source in the pictures above and below I am using a Fire Staff (aka Fire Baton, Levi Stick or Devil Stick). However, a simple BIC style lighter will work just fine. For a little stronger flame consider using a quality storm lighter.

chase hasch spitting fire

Disclaimer: If you burn your fingers, mouth, nipples, girl friend or set your parents house on fire don’t come crying to me. Spitting fire is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and property damage. Just sayin’.

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