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October, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

My last blog post on “Why Athletes Need a Facebook Page” was very well received.

Thank you to everyone who shared it and commented.

I noticed that there is some confusion about the difference of a “Facebook Profile” and a “Facebook Page”. Both can and are used by many Athletes. And both are often used interchangeably when it comes to talking about Social Media.

chase hasch personal fb page

(Image Above: No problem keeping your personal profile – just let people know about your Athletes Page)

Chase Hasch fb athletes page

(Image Above: Encourage “Likes”. Add a “Call to Action” on your FB Page)

Here are 5 reasons on why you should set up a Facebook Page and why not to use your personal profile to market yourself. This applies not only to athletes by the way – if you are an actor, singer, band, dancer, magician or whatever it will apply to you too.


1. Your Page and Name won’t be seen in Search Results

Facebook business pages can be found and indexed by search engines such as Google – a personal Facebook profile cannot.

2. Your Profile could run out of Friends.

Personal profiles have a maximum of 5,000 friends. Facebook pages can be ‘Liked’ by a limitless number of people.

3. Easier to “Like” than be “Friends”

It will be much more difficult to gain ‘Friends’ compared to ‘Likes’ as an athlete if you’re using a personal Facebook profile because regardless of privacy settings (which confuse most Facebook users anyway), people will be reluctant to ‘Friend Request” you since that will share personal information with an athlete they may have come across on Vimeo, during an event or wherever – no matter how much they like the Athlete. A Facebook page allows people to ‘Like’ you without any privacy risks because your page cannot access their personal information or their wall posts.

4. You might be breaking the rules.

Facebook rules clearly state that your account could be suspended if you are using a personal profile to promote your business. This may not seem to apply to you as Athlete, Singer, Dancer etc. However, strictly speaking you become a business, because you are marketing yourself. Plus you will likely also be marketing and advertising your sponsors etc.

5. But I already have a lot of friends on FB

Facebook offers to convert existing personal profiles to a page. All your friends will be converted into “Likes”. This might be something to consider if you already have a lot of friends on your personal profile. Read about it here on FB’s Help Pages.


That being said – it is super easy to set up a Facebook Page. Do it now and be patient it takes a little while to collect “Likes”. Remember don’t buy any likes offered through various websites. You won’t get any long term interactions from bought likes.

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