Enquentro Session

January, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

Lately I have been training really hard for the upcoming year. I have been trying to get some diversity in my riding so, I have been riding at different spots instead of always riding flat water. Yesterday Nico Suriel and I went to the surf beach Enquentro in search of a kicker session. Normally then I ride kickers I’m in Cabarete bay and they really aren’t that clean and unless I’m super powered its hard to get enough speed to do anything big.

chase hasch-kitesurfing cabrinha kites in encuentro beach dominican republic
(Serious concentration for that KGB – tongue out and everything

I really liked hitting clean kickers for a change but the impact surprised me as well as how much slack I got from all my tricks especially my S-passes. I tried a couple toeside tricks and I landed a 540 and tried a couple crow mobes but once the wind picked up more I was to powered to try any more.

The other day I landed a couple KGBs and I was stoked to try them in the waves. I landed a couple back to blinds that were huge but when I tried to land heel side I got way to much slack in my lines and crashed from the impact. I had a really good time showing off in front on the crowd that collected on the beach so I started doing more tricks coming in to the beach. I was working on nose grabs I got a couple doing 313s but I’m hoping that I’ll get them with my NISs today in the flat water. I have gotten pretty good at my late mobes and they’re such a fun trick that I ended up doing quite a few on them. I was trying to land 315s I only landed one but, it was pretty sloppy.

I had a really good time riding at Enquentro and I’ll be sure to start riding there more.

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Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


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Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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