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Won the CKA National Championships 2017

by Chase Hasch   

I am very fortunate to announce that I have won the CKA National Championships 2017 -well, sort of.

The CKA is the “Collegiate Kiteboarding Association” – however, since I am just done with HighSchool and technically not in College yet it doesn’t really count as me being a proper CKA event entry and consequent winner.

Nevertheless, it was a great competition thanks to Ryan Druyor, and everyone behind the scenes who helped organize the event.

Below is a short video showcasing Nick Callejo – if you look close you will find a few moves by myself in the video too.

The Outer Banks proved again that it is home to some of the best conditions you will find anywhere in the United States and can hold it’s own against some of the best kite spots in the world.

Wind was great and the level of riding was serious. Big kudos to my friend Nick Callejo for creating this video and placing second on the podium.

Selfie of the Year

by Chase Hasch   

Awesome selfie taken by my good friend Sam. Courtesy fly-by with Cabrinha gear.


New Vitamin and Supplements Sponsor

by Chase Hasch   

I am excited to introduce my new “Vitamin and Supplements Sponsor” Vasayo.

Getting good nutrition and vitamins is without a doubt important for everyone. Not only athletes. Even though I carefully monitor what I eat and do actively avoid junk food, it is oftentimes difficult to have all nutrition needs covered. Especially when travelling for extended periods of time. This is when supplements can play an especially important role.



Bridge of the Gods Kitefest 2016

by Chase Hasch   

Great weekend (as usual) at the 2016 edition of the Bridge of the Gods Kitefest.

The event stands out as one of the most important kite events in North America, together with the annual TripleS in Cape Hatteras (OuterBanks, North Carolina).



Got my IKO Assistant Instructor

by Chase Hasch   

Got my IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) Assistant Instructor License.

You may wonder – way only “Assistant” and not full Instructor? Reason is that I am simply too young. The minimum age for an IKO Instructor is 18 years. Plus the Assistant Instructor license is needed anyway as prerequisite. Might as well have that done.



Winter/Sping 2016 in the Caribbean

by Chase Hasch   

Time is flying when you are having fun they say.

Here a few impressions from my last days in the Caribbean.

VividaLifestyle clothing chase hasch


Autumn Kiteboarding Pictures & Highlights

by Chase Hasch   

Summer and Autumn seemed to go by fast this year. Below are some of my favorite moments taken at various kiteboarding spots on the Columbia River on both sides of the river – Oregon and Washington State. A few stray pics from Squamish are in the mix as well.

It is getting cold in the Gorge and I am heading to warmer waters. Ping me if you are in Cabarete, Dominican Republic this winter.

Video Highlights | Kite Worldchampionships

by Chase Hasch   

The following is a short video mashup comprised of footage captured by the VKWC Kiteboarding tour and private footage shot during the event in Spain.

Video Description: Enjoy highlights of the 2015 Ballena Alegre, Costa Brava Kiteboarding Youth Worldchampionships including a short interview with Cabrinha Kiteboarder Chase Hasch.

Kiteboarding World Cup Spain | Day 3, 4 & 5

by Chase Hasch   

The VKWC Kiteboarding Junior World Championships has been a great event.
A huge “Thank You” to the event organizer and the “Ballena-Alegre” campground and bungalow park.

chase hasch vkwc handlepass


VKWC CostaBrava Spain | Day 1 & 2

by Chase Hasch   

Very light winds here at the Costa Brava in Spain on Day 1 & 2.


I am excited to have won all my heats so far. Hopefully the wind will pick up some since the biggest kite I have is a 13m. Other riders are on 17meter kites : (

Check out the official event videos below for some action shots of the event. Notice Video#2 has me as the cover shot by the VKWC Organizers. Sweet!


What is Dingle Elimination ?

by Chase Hasch   

Dingle Elimination is not a typo or spelling error. It is a valid form of a tournament elimination bracket system in which the loser of a first round heat gets another chance and is not directly eliminated.

Starting round 2 a dingle elimination basically becomes a single elimination in which only the winner(s) advance and a looser is “eliminated” (or in other words knocked out) of the event.


Junior Kite WorldChampionships Spain

by Chase Hasch   

I’m stoked to say that I will be going to Costa Brava, Spain to compete in the Junior VKWC world tour event! I cant wait to get to Costa Brava. I’ve never been to Spain before and I have no idea what to expect. It’ll be great to meet other kiters my age. I’ve never been to an all Junior event before and this is the last year that I will be able to compete in an event like it. This makes it a little more personal because I’ll only get one chance.

chase hasch kiting with boots pro-and-cons


Hood River Huck Fest 2015 – Confirmed

by Chase Hasch   

The popular grass roots big-air event “Hood River Huck Fest” has been confirmed for 2015.

This year will mark the 3rd running of the kiteboarding competition held in Rufus, OR.
Hood River Huck Fest 2015 is scheduled for July 18th with July 17th and 19th as back up days.

Visit the HuckFest Facebook Page for more.

I will make sure to be there, having won last years Huck Fest juniors category.

Spring & Early Summer Training

by Chase Hasch   

Summer is quickly approaching, which means warmer water in many parts of the world. Fortunately, the water never gets cold in the Caribbean, making it a perfect year round training ground and general cold weather escape haven.

chase hasch kgb crab kiteboarding


Sunset Throwdown

by Chase Hasch   

Short little video of my last sunset session. Enjoy.


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