Cape Hatteras First Impressions

May, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

After 2 month on the road we finally arrived at Cape Hatteras – which is our final tour stop until the TripleS in June.

chase mobile office
Our Office-House-Kitchen-Bedroom on Wheels

When we first got to the Outer Banks we had North East winds and I was really hating it -not going to lie about it.
Kiting on the sound side in the towns of Waves, Rodanthe or Salvo during north east means big gaps in the wind from where the houses block the wind. Kiting in the ocean in April with North East winds is still cold. I do like kiting in the waves but after to many times in cold side onshore conditions in a row it gets kinda boring. So I really wasn’t having a very good time kiting. The surfing had been really fun but I wanted to kite. so the first week here was mostly surfing and waiting around for some south winds.

The second week was much more fun. With my first taste of south winds and after learning that its normally south I was having a much better time. With sliders and kickers to hit at Real Watersports and tons of Pros to help me learn new tricks I really started to like this place. The next few days were light wind days where I only got out for a little bit on my 11, so I was mostly surfing and meeting people. The surf here is really similar to the beach break outside my house in the Dominican Republic except a bit bigger and cleaner so I was having a good time surfing here.

chase hasch kiteboarding jump

This week we had much more wind and I got to hit the reverse rainbow slider with my 7 meter I was so powered that I could depower my kite so that it didn’t loop every time I tried to do a press or a 360 on the slider. After a couple of hours I was getting tiered of hitting sliders so I started jumping big and for some reason in the middle of a big jump I decided to loop my kite! After the first mega loop I was hooked on them and doing as many as I could on the way back down wind to where I launched from. This time when I was doing the loops I actually landed well (not landing supper hard and fast) and I was really enjoying myself.

Sadly the next day there was no wind but some one had a winch so we set up a slider and some nice speakers and blasted music for 7 hours while we used the winch and I practiced my presses.

I have also signed up for the TripleS Open which will be held in the beginning of June.

Kites & Boards by:

Chase Hasch Cabrinha Kites


Harness & Wetsuit by:

Chase Hasch NP Harness and Wetsuits


Cardio and Fitness by:

Chase Hasch Cardio and Fitness


Fueled by:

Chase Hasch Gorditos Cabarete Dominican Republic


Vitamins & Supplements:

Chase Hasch Vasayo


Beach Kudos:

Chase Hasch and Susi Mai



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