Cable Park Session in Orlando

April, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

We slept near the Cable Park in order to arrive when they opened in the mornings. Bad news was that during the night I got bit about 40 times by mosquitos and I am not exaggerating.

chase hasch cable park owc

I was on the cable at 10am first thing in the morning – trying to hit a funny rail that was an A frame but the up part was really small and acted like a kicker and the down was pretty long and to make it even more difficult it was rounded. I had to try and hit it about 6 times before I could actually do it.

chase hasch wake slider

OWC also has a rather big rainbow rail that I tried to hit a few times. My favorite one terrain feature was the up flat down rail – but here’s the catch there is a part in between the up and the flat that you have to jump and its the same for the flat to down part. It was my favorite because I was challenging but felt really good hitting it and landing.

chase hasch sliderlarge

Last but not least they have this awesome pool, basically there is a ramp up into a pool then you either have to gap the stairs down or jump on one of the sliders on the sides.

It was definitely a fun trip and I cant wait to go back to Orlando next year.

The day in the Cable Park was sponsored as a B-day present by my Grandma (Oma) from Germany. Thank You! Danke!

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