BOTG Kitefest Recap

July, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

This year was my first time I competed in the Bridge of the Gods event.
It also happened to be the best competition I have ever competed in up to this day.

chase hasch winner botg Image credit: The Kiteboarder Magazine

The event ran flawlessly from a rider and spectator perspective. With a great and descriptive commentary throughout the whole event it kept the crowd laughing and exited for what was to come. As a rider I was impressed with the judging. If the heat was really close or the crowd really liked a rider there was a chance of adding a rider to the next heat.

Friday was the start of the event running the strapless, pro and woman heats at 2pm when the wind picked up.

Saturday was the beginning of the open mens event. The start of the event was pushed back three times before the women went out to compete at 2:30. Having opted for a late heat the wind slowly filled in but it was still very light. The field as a whole was underpowered.

chase hasch botg kitefestImage credit:

I ended up doing really well in my first heat using an 11 Meter Cabrinha Chaos and advancing without problems into the next one. The wind was coming up as well allowing me to switch to my 9 meter Chaos. The wind backed off during the heat leaving me really worried about passing into heat #3 and the finals. Fortunately everyone was riding in the same dying wind of heat #2. I ended up passing into the finals.

My final heat was an amazingly fun session against Brendan Kerr, Lucas Arsenault, Iñaki Gainza, and Austin Keillor. The right mix of technical tricks and style (not my words) won me the finals.

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The Kiteboarder Magazine BOTG Event Article. has results and pictures in their Kiteforum

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