Best session I have had in – – – Ever!

November, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

The other day I had the best session I have had in… ever. With only my 11 meter Cabrinha Chaos I was lit! With so much power it was easy to land practically all my tricks back to back. I also happened to be landing new tricks and I felt incredible. One of the best parts of the day was when a ton of people showed up and “La Boca” got quite crowded but thankfully after about half an hour they all left. Some were shooting a video and went to hit some kickers and just never came back the rest did a downwinder leaving me with the entire river to myself. It was also one of the first days that my mom got good footage and some great pics!

Chase Hasch La Boca

Sadly, there have not been very many windy days in the past month and a half and every time there was wind I was in the middle of doing something else.

Thanks to my Hyperlite boots when we did get a little storm front I was the first one on the water with no problems. The Hyperlite boots can be done entirely one handed and as a result when the wind is supper gusty and some people are trying to lace up there boots their kite will fall out of the air. Thanks to the system bindings I am the fist one on the water.

The times I did get to go were not the best and I was loosing motivation until The forecast finally started calling for wind in the 16-18 mph range. Then it was time to get pumped for my best kite session to come. I guess with the lack of wind and my inability to other “normal” sports I had so much energy that when I finally got on the water again it was all let out resulting in new tricks and my best session ever.

As always I can’t wait for my next kite sesh but something I have noticed more recently is that the better I get the more fun I have. The more freedom I get to do whatever I want and that thought always makes me smile. So I have decided to make this my quote (The better I get the bigger my smile)

Just in case you didn’t know I am currently working on 315’s S3’s and full KGB’s as well as late mobes. Every session I work on tricks I can’t do and one by one I’m checking them off my list getting better and better until one day no one will recognize the kid that only smiled every now and then just like the rest of you but in time I will always have one on my face ;)

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