Best Food in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

October, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

As some of you may know I am sponsored by my favorite restaurant in the world, and that wonderful place is Gordito’s Fresh Mex in my home town Cabarete.

This place has literally fed me every time I needed and never ask for anything as they do for hungry dominican kids, so in turn I try and get every one I meet to go there and give it a try. Not once has anyone tolled me they didn’t like it and there’s a reason for that, all you need to do is walk in for your self.

gorditos fresh-mex cabarete domincan-republic

The Menu consists of Chicken, Beef, Carnitas, Fish, and Veggies that top your choice of Taco’s, Burritos, Bowls (Burrito without a wrap in a large bowl). It doesn’t stop there if that’s not enough for you they constantly have special items like the Greek and Big Mac Burritos and the more you go there the you get to know these specials and they might ever keep your favorite item around just for you. It’s a truly unique restaurant that others need to take note of.

tripadvisor gorditos cabareteCheck out all the raving reviews for Gorditos on TripAdvisor.

gorditos fresh-mex best food cabarete dr

The fresh ingredients can sometimes be seen arriving whenever they’re available if you eat there as often as I do its not an uncommon sight to see a fisher show up with a fresh catch and its quite cool to know that while you’re eating the best food in town they support the community while they’re at it. If you want the best vibe and best food you’re definitely going to want to stop by Gordito’s right away. They’re there from 11:30 to 8:30 Monday – Saturday.

Gorditos Fresh Mex is located near Ocean Dream Condo and Apartments.

Gorditos Fresh Mex
Ocean Dream
Cabarete 57000
Dominican Republic

Phone +1 829-844-3434

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