Boots and Bindings for Kiteboarding

August, 2014   //   by Chase Hasch   

I recently received a great question as comment to my kite video regarding what boots and bindings to choose.

The question also reflects the interest of kiters to try out wakeboard bindings and boots I have been observing on beaches around the world. For me switching to boots and bindings was a real game changer. Needless to say boots and bindings are pretty much a “must have” if you are thinking about hitting kickers and sliders.

chase hasch hyperlite sytem-bindings
Photo by Jim Hegan

However, even for “everyday” freestyle tricks you will find that boots and bindings drastically increase your success rate. And of course no more body dragging or loosing your board. Which is not the primary reason for anyone to consider boots and bindings, but is a nice added bonus.

So what are the “cons” of using boots and bindings you may ask. For one you need to deal with getting in and out of the bindings at the beach while flying your kite. If you are a snowboarder you will know all about getting into bindings, now just imagine you also need to fly your kite with one hand while doing so. Not a big deal, but it could be considered a “con”. Weight is another one. Obviously the boots and bindings add a little more weight as compared to your normal “straps” found on twintips.

Last but not least you will be using different muscles and in case of a heavy crash your board will not come off. This can be good or bad. Boots and Bindings will prevent certain injuries while at the same time open the door to new ones that wouldn’t happen otherwise. We’ll call it a tie between “Pros and Cons” on that one.

What are the difference between the different boots offered?

The main difference in the boot models is how high the cut is.

For example the Hyperlite Process boots have a higher cut and are for a more narrow foot.

wakeboard boots process for kiteboarding
Higher Cut Boot – Hyperlite Process

Compared to the AJ Boots that have a lower cut and are a bit wider. A lower cut boot is going to give you a bit more flexibility if you’re into grabbing a lot that’s what I’d recommend.

wakeboard boots aj for kiteboarding
Lower Cut Boot – Hyperlite AJ

If you want something that is stiffer compared to the Process then look at the Marek Boot, however the boots uses the BOA system which gets sand in it and may wear out faster.

All boots can be heat molded to your foot so comfort will never be an issue.

wakeboard boots system-pro bindings for kiteboarding
Top choice for every kiter – Hyperlite System Pro Bindings

The Hyperlite System binding is the way to go for kiting- it is stiffer than most other bindings, which is good because kiteboarding has slightly different needs and requirements compared to wakeboarding.

I also suggest trying on different boots and binding combos at your local Wake or Kite shop if you can.

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