315s Nickelodeon Kiteboarding

November, 2013   //   by Chase Hasch   

Sometimes I just need to have another pro rider with me on the water and I must say it pays off, because today I learned how to to 315s (aka a Nickelodeon) which is basically a Raley Frontside 540, and a trick I have been imagining about for quite a while.

chase hasch kiteboarding 315 trick

The beginning of our session wasn’t great the wind was lite and it was hard just to make it back to the beach. After we decided to wait for a little while to see if the wind would come back we hung out on the beach chatting. We chilled until the wind came back in full force! Once we got back on the water I realized how strong the wind had gotten. When I had gotten off the water there was hardly any but after only half an hour I was lit! So I decided to try a couple new tricks. First I tried an NIS with an indie grab. On my first attempt I got the rotation and the grab but my kite was at 12 and I missed the pass. However, on the second run I focused on keeping my kite low and stomped it!

The second trick I tried a 315 took much longer to get. I had to try about 15 times. I must say that my first attempt was quite close the only problem being that I didn’t have a good grip on the bar and lost it before I hit the water. My second try my leash wrapped around my harness hook and I didn’t have the momentum to make it to toe side. The third I nearly landed I but I did not seem to be going forward at all and just kinda smacked the water. I tried over and over and the more I tried the worse I was doing. I think the thing that helped me get it was wanting to impress Nico as he had to go. So what was I going to do? Not show off? Naaa, I had to do it and thankfully I came through and stomped one just before Nico left. I must say that I am incredibly happy to be able to do a trick that big and I can’t wait for my next session. Hopefully with Brand new 2014 Cabrinha gear.

After my session I was exhausted, snd even though doing anything physical was a pain I must say that I love the feeling of truly being tiered but not mentally of course as I went on to wright this blog.

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